We're expanding! And we need everyone's who has an interest in saving the bees should attend meetings

April – Master Beekeepers talk about Queen Rearing. Nectar Processom and Wax Makers. Feel free to contact us for more information.  

June – Grow degree days. Tree and flower bloom schedules

May – Prepare to Store Honey, Restock Honey and Winter Pollen, Balancing bee work force, Decreasing Brood Volume, Capping Honey. Email for more information.

The Morris & Somerset County Chapter of the NJ Beekeepers Association is a lively group of apiarist that share a common passion for the art of keeping and maintaining honey bees.

This is a diverse group of of those who keep bees as a hobby and professionals who make their living selling honey and other products. The sale of honey, queens, nucs, beeswax, lotions, soaps, candies and general apiarist best practices are discussed at monthly meetings. Speakers from all facets of the industry teach and demonstrate the science. 


Community events and public presentations. Education about beekeeping is important to us

If you have an interest in beekeeping and want to see what is involved we invite you to check back on our many events.

Monthly Meetings & Special events 


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